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Admission Information for Research Student and Graduate Research Student of School/Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University

Application to the Research Student Program at the Graduate School / School of Engineering must be conducted online through the NU-AAS (Nagoya University Admission Assistance System). Please read the following items 1 to-8 carefully before proceeding with the NU-AAS online application.

1. Eligibility

This process is for applicants for admission who have graduated or expect to graduate from a university and wish to enroll in School/Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University, as a research student or graduate research student.

2. The Main Procedure of NU-AAS Application

The application procedure consists of two steps where you need to enter information and upload documents. Note that only applicants who get approval in the first step can proceed to the second step. A comprehensive selection process consisting of document screening in the first step and an interview in the second step will be conducted. The results for the first step will be sent to the applicant via email and for the second step by postal mail.
Only the first step of the application process is shown in section 3 below.
Those who get approval to proceed to the second step can refer to the link below for the second step procedures.

3. Procedures in the NU-AAS First Step
  • ① Prepare in advance
    • ◇ Gather information on School/Graduate School of Engineering and find out your preferred field of study and a prospective supervisor
  • ② Make your application through NU-AAS
    • ◇ Make sure you have all the required documents for the NU-AAS application(see section 6 below).
    • ◇ Enter application details in the NU-AAS, upload all required documents, and submit your application.
  • ③ Response to applicants from the NU-AAS
    • ◇ The NU-AAS will contact your prospective supervisors. You will then be notified by email on whether your application was approved or not approved.
    • ◇ Only applicants who are approved in the first step can proceed to the second step.
4. Applying to the NU-AAS

Applicants should follow the online application process in the URL shown below.
All required documents for the application should be uploaded in digital form.
Online application URL:

5. Application period for October 2020 Entry

Application period for the first step of NU-AAS:
From February 3, 2020 to March 9, 2020 5:00PM (Japan Standard Time)

6. Required Documents for NU-AAS Application

The required documents for the first step of NU-AAS are listed below (All documents should be in PDF format):

  • ① The statement of purpose (research proposal)
  • ② The official transcript of academic records
  • ③ The certificate of (expected) graduation and degree

Please refer to the website below for detailed information about all required documents.

7. Notification of the First Step in NU-AAS

The NU-AAS will carefully screen the documents you submitted, and your preferred supervisor will determine whether or not direct contact with him/her can be initiated. The result of the first step will be communicated to you through NU-AAS via email.

  • ◇ If approved: You can proceed to the second step and prepare for an interview with your preferred supervisor. However, please note that you have not been approved for admission at this stage.
  • ◇ If not approved: Please look for another school/graduate school of Nagoya University or another university.
8. Questions to the NU-AAS

If you have a question for the NU-AAS that is not covered in the Frequently Asked Questions below, please send an email inquiry with the title: “[NU-AAS-Question] your name, your preferred school, and your home university.”

  • ◇ Email address: eng-admission*a* (replace *a* with the@symbol)

Frequently Asked Questions

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