Q: How do I apply?


Prepare the following documents in advance and apply to NUSIP online. (1) statement of purpose, (2) official transcript of academic records, (3) health certificate, (4) a photo copy of your passport which shows your name, date of birth and nationality, (5) photograph, and (6) curriculum vitae (CV). If you are not a native speaker of English, you need to also submit a document that certifies your English proficiency level (i.e., TOEFL, IELTS, or TOEIC).

Q: When is the application deadline?


The online application deadline is February 14, 2020, 5:00 PM Japan Standard Time.

The number of participants we can accept is limited. We may not be able to accept those who apply late or those who do not submit all the documents before the deadline. Therefore, we strongly encourage applicants to meet the deadline.


Q: I speak no Japanese, but can I still participate in the program?


Certainly. The course on Automobile Engineering will be offered in English. There will be a Japanese course for beginners. We will also be offering an intermediate or advanced Japanese class for those who have already studied Japanese.


Q: Where will the participants stay during the session?


We will have a hotel booked for the night of June 16, 2020. The participants will be expected to reach the hotel and spend the night of June 16, 2020 at the hotel. A representative from Nagoya University will meet with the participants in the morning of June 17, 2020 and take them to university dormitory where they will be staying until July 23, 2020.

Q: I am new to the area. How do I find my way to the hotel?


You will get directions to the hotel from Nagoya Centrair International Airport and from Nagoya JR Station.

Q: My friend (or a family member) will be visiting me during my stay in Nagoya. Can they stay in my room with me?


No, no guests including your family members are allowed to stay over night in the housing.

Q: By when will I have to move out from the housing on July 23, 2020?


By noon.

Fee Information

Q: How much is the fee and what does it cover?


US $2,500 for students enrolled in the universities having concluded academic exchange agreements with Nagoya University, and US $2,700 for students enrolled in the universities NOT having concluded academic exchange agreements with Nagoya University.

Both fees exclude meal and air-ticket expenses. Ammommodations in Nagoya, the Japanese language course, orientation, cultural excursion and social activities are included in the program fees.

Bills for electricity and water are included in the fee. However, if the bills exceed a certain amount, you will have to pay the bills.