International Exchanges

International Exchanges

Information on International Exchange

photoThe Graduate School of Engineering and the School of Engineering emphasize free international exchanges to the world. A number of international exchanges with universities and research institutes abroad have been made, and extensive academic exchanges including the exchange of students and exchange of research have been taking place. We accept approximately 200 international students and play a leading role in a university open to the international society. The Student Support/International Academic Exchange Committee and the International Academic Exchange Office, which deliberate matters such as the way international exchange should be and management of the organization, cooperate with each other to educate and support international students, and to select and send Japanese students wanting to study abroad on a short-term study program. We promote a variety of international education and research activities which include offering a program called the Civil Engineering Special Program; holding an international gathering called the International Friendship Hour; accepting foreign scholars; and maintaining the information to update the list of foreign alumni.

At the International Academic Exchange Office, four international student advisors, and the executive officers of the Student Affairs Office and the General Affairs Office cooperate to give advice to students. This includes counsel on both academic research and on everyday Japanese life to international students, help to Japanese students wanting to study at the foreign universities with which international exchanges have been made, and holding seminars and offering information necessary for international students and students wanting to study abroad.


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