Current Students

Inquiries & Procedures at the Student Affairs Office (KYOMU office, 2F, IB building) from May 25


Class Schedule

  • G30 Students
Schedule for "Confirmation of the Courses Completed until AY 2019 Autumn  Semester" and "Course Registration Procedures for AY 2020 Spring Semester"

■ Confirming enrolled classes and correction to the registration courses (2020/5/1 update)
 ・Registration Amendment Request (excel)

■ Confirming enrolled classes(Final) (2020/5/29 update)
  • Graduate Students (for before AY 2016 Enrollees)
  • Graduate Students (for after AY 2017 Enrollees)
  • G30 Graduate Students

G30 Graduation Requirements


Plan for Completion of Course

International Academic Exchange Officelink

Education Center for International Studentslink


Center for Student Counselinglink

Harassment Consultation Centerlink

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