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About Us

dean  Thank you for having interest in Undergraduate School of Engineering of Nagoya University. "Engineering" is a comprehensive academic field which develops science into technologies useful for people and society. Its subjects are wide, including chemicals, physics, materials, electricity, machinery, energy, architecture, civil engineering and so on. Since the Industrial Revolution, mechanization has largely advanced, manufacturing has undergone tremendous progress, and along with that the lives of people have changed drastically. Recently, the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence may change greatly people's lives and social structure in the near future. Meanwhile, issues such as global environmental issues, mass consumption and exhaustion of fossil fuels and resources are also being closed up to the present. The scope of engineering covers not only conventional fields but also environment, disaster prevention, medical, drug discovery, and energy have been spreading widely. Under such circumstances, I hope to have "engineering" at a higher level and continue to be an active member of the world as a leader in manufacturing. Learn "engineering" with us at Nagoya University, challenge and overcome difficulties, and contribute to humanity and society as "courageous intellectuals (Yuki-Aru-Chishikijin)" in engineering field.

  Nagoya University conducts leading research as a research university located in the agglomeration center of the world's leading manufacturing industries, and Undergraduate School of Engineering contributes to the development of technologies and engineering in Japan and the world. We are educating people to cultivate broad knowledge and abilities from basic to applied, with the aim of nurturing the next generation leaders who can be active in the academic and industrial fields. In addition, the School of Engineering cooperates with research centers in Nagoya University such as Plasma Nanotechnology Research Center which is closely related to engineering, and Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability, and to conducts state-of-the-art education and research in a wide range of engineering related fields.

  Thus, technology developments to achieve a sustainable society are now more challenged than ever. In 2014, Prof. Akasaki and Prof. Amano, who are relevant to the School of Engineering Nagoya University, won the Nobel Prize for the development of the blue LED. This technology contributed to energy saving in our society and received acclaim. Needless to say, this award is the result of their continuous efforts and strong beliefs.  I want you to learn “Engineering” with us in Nagoya University and bravely challenge the recent various issues surrounding us, and work hard for the development of our society in the future.

  Undergraduate School of Engineering is intended to foster the human resources with the ability to create the next generation of "engineering and technology" based on the knowledge of basic science and specialty, and simultaneously combines high level of comprehensiveness with a wide international perspectives. Students who completed the course are craving not only from the academic world but also from the industry as science and engineering personnel who lead innovations.

  Nagoya University features an open campus with no gate. I am looking forward to being able to present wonderful research works to the world with you from our campus with a lot of greenery, like Professor Akasaki and Professor Amano (2014 Nobel Laureate).

Prof. & Dr. Mizutani Norimi
Dean, Undergraduate School of Engineering

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