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dean  Since the industrial revolution started by the advent of the steam engine in the late 18th century, many manufacturing businesses have appeared and developed with time to provide a wealthier life for human beings. In 1907, Henry Ford in America succeeded in the mass production of automobiles for the first time, and in 1903 the powered aircraft developed by the Wright brothers achieved the first manned flight in the world. These successes have opened the door to the new era of long-distance and mass transportation.

  After 100 years since then, global warming and energy depletion caused by mass consumption are currently the serious problems in our society. Therefore, technology developments related to solar power, wind energy and hybrid vehicles are more active than ever to achieve a sustainable society. The advent of the Internet has completely changed our life style, and now many people own smart phones. Our life now seems impossible without these technologies.

  Japan, without having enough resources, needs leaders who will pioneer such innovations, and thus the researchers and the engineers in the engineering field are particularly required to make achievements in their researches. Nagoya University, which is a research university located in the world center of manufacturing, has lead the cutting-edge researches. The school of engineering and the graduate school of engineering at Nagoya University have contributed to developing human resources who work for industries and academia.

  In 2014, Prof. Akasaki and Prof. Amano won the Nobel Prize for developing the blue LED. The contribution of this technology to energy saving in our society received acclaim. Needless to say, this award is the result of their continuous efforts with strong beliefs.

  In 2013, Nagoya University was selected as one of the 22 universities supported by the Japanese government. Under the support, the 22 universities are promoted to be stronger research institutions, and now Nagoya University is the fourth best university among them. In 2014, we have also gained the grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, as an Asian Hub University contributing to a sustainable society in the 21st century, as a part of Top Global University Project. We will reform our university to develop stronger research abilities and thorough internationalization.

  The School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Engineering at Nagoya University will foster global leaders who will challenge issues faced by our current society.

Prof. & Dr. Tomohide Niimi
Dean, Graduate School and School of Engineering

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