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About Us

dean  “Engineering” is a comprehensive discipline that seeks technologies for our society by integrating our wisdoms, and covers various specialized fields such as chemistry, material science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture, and civil engineering, as well as other interdisciplinary fields.

  Many engineering researchers have made efforts to enable mass production, long-distance and mass transportation, and high-speed communication, which provided a wealthier life for human beings. On the other hand, global warming and energy depletion caused by mass consumption have appeared as serious problems in our society.

  Thus, technology developments to achieve a sustainable society are now more challenged than ever. In 2014, Prof. Akasaki and Prof. Amano, who are relevant to the School of Engineering Nagoya University, won the Nobel Prize for the development of the blue LED. This technology contributed to energy saving in our society and received acclaim. Needless to say, this award is the result of their continuous efforts and strong beliefs.  I want you to learn “Engineering” with us in Nagoya University and bravely challenge the recent various issues surrounding us, and work hard for the development of our society in the future.

  The education in the School of Engineering focuses on the fundamental subjects to deepen your understanding of the current standards of science and technology, aiming to foster engineers and researchers capable of engineering applications with their continuous efforts for improvement.

  We provide students at higher grades with the education of literacy, basic skills, and specialized fields. In their graduation researches, the students will be assigned to one of the laboratories and learn how to define their research topic and how to conduct the research.

  The School of Engineering also provides curriculums to allow students to learn the fundamental humanities and cultural subjects, so we want the students to learn not only their field but also other fields and become cultured individuals.

  In 2013, Nagoya University was selected as one of the 22 universities that are supported by the Japanese government. Under the support, the 22 universities are promoted to be stronger research institutions, and Nagoya University is now the fourth best university among them.

  In 2014, we have also gained the grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, as an Asian Hub University contributing to a sustainable society in the 21st century, as a part of Top Global University Project. We will reform our university to develop stronger research abilities and thorough internationalization.

  As mentioned above, our university is also experiencing globalization. We have prepared courses that provide you with degrees through lectures held only in English, and some curriculums in the graduate schools are also held in English to meet the need from the increasing number of international students. There are also support programs for studying abroad. We hope you will exploit such environments and become researchers and engineers who will be able to actively work around the globe.

  At Higashiyama where one can look over Nagoya city, we are looking forward to actively exchanging opinions with you and presenting our research results to the world.

Prof. & Dr. Tomohide Niimi
Dean, Graduate School of Engineering

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